Navigating Hong Kong: A Guide to Transportation for Foreign Travelers

Hong Kong’s efficient transportation system is renowned for its convenience and extensive coverage, making it a breeze for travelers to explore the city. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the various modes of transportation in Hong Kong, along with their characteristics and approximate prices.

MTR (Mass Transit Railway)

The MTR is the backbone of Hong Kong’s transportation network. It consists of an extensive subway system that connects major districts and attractions. With air-conditioned carriages, frequent trains, and bilingual signage, the MTR offers a fast, reliable, and comfortable way to travel around the city. Prices range from HKD $4.5 to $55, depending on the distance traveled.

mtr routemap
mtr routemap

You can search for more trip information on MTR website.

Input your current location and destination on the website and it will generate the best route with the minimum time required. More information can be found on the website.


Hong Kong’s bus network covers almost every corner of the city, providing convenient access to areas not served by the MTR. Double decker buses in Hong Kong are characterized by their extensive routes, offering scenic views of the city. The fare varies depending on the distance, ranging from HKD $4.1 to $27.7. Exact change or Octopus card payment is required when boarding.


The iconic double-decker trams, or “ding dings,” are a charming and affordable way to explore Hong Kong Island. Trams run along the northern part of the island, offering a unique perspective of the bustling streets below. The flat fare for trams is HKD $3.2 per ride, payable with exact change or Octopus card.

 ( Trams can only be found in Hong Kong Isaland, there are no tram in Kowloon side or even New Territories).


With Hong Kong being a city of islands, ferries are an important mode of transportation. They connect Hong Kong Island with outlying islands, providing scenic and leisurely journeys. Ferry fares vary depending on the destination, ranging from HKD $2.2 to $42.5


Taxis in Hong Kong are plentiful and easily identifiable by their color-coded roofs (red for urban taxis, green for New Territories taxis, and blue for Lantau taxis). While more expensive than public transportation, taxis offer convenience and comfort, especially for late-night or remote destinations. Fares start at HKD $27, with additional charges for distance and waiting time.

The Octopus card is a must-have for convenient and seamless travel in Hong Kong. It is a contactless smart card that can be used in transportation as mentioned above, like MTR, buses, trams, ferries, and even for retail purchases. The card can be topped up with stored value and offers discounted fares for frequent MTR users.